Trop Jr Film Making Course 2013 (Melb)

June 21, 2013

Trop Jr Film Making Course 2013

This course offers young film making enthusiasts (Ages 8 – 15) the chance to learn all the skills needed to enter Australia’s largest short film festival for kids – Trop Jr,

and includes a wonderful module on composing music for the screen.

The Trop Jr Film Making Course is spread over five days which fall over 11 weeks.

During the course, participants will get the inside scoop on scriptwriting, cinematography, sound recording, sound design and original music composition. In their own time they’ll shoot their film while also learning the art of post–production using professional editing facilities and a vocal booth.

Dates: 1 July – 27 September 2013

Monday 1 July, 9.30am – 3.30pm
Thursday 4 July, 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Saturday 17 August, 9.30am – 3.30pm
Saturday 7 September, 9.30am – 3.30pm
Friday 27 September, 9.30am – 3.30pm

Cost: $270 for the five day course

For enquiries, please email:

For booking please visit the below link:

Book Now

·         Or phone: 1300 182 183


18/3/13 lesson idea

March 16, 2013

Watch this YouTube clip with your class (= launch of Neil Finn + Paul Kelly 2013 concert tour) … and suggest the class watch the 9pm live broadcast of the final concert of the tour on YouTube (free). Kelly and Finn are two amazing singer song-writers. Paul Kelly also has an app to explore the link between poetry and lyrics.


19 free iPad apps for musical creativity

March 10, 2013

Thanks to Katie Wardrobe, here’s is a list of 19 free iPad apps which can promoted creativity and composition.


2012 Sinfonietta Composition Project

March 4, 2012

Welcome to another year of the Sydney Symphony Sinfonietta Composition Project.

To support the project we are holding Professional Learning Seminars in 4 centres – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Hobart at the end of March, 2012. The Sinfonietta Resource Kit is now available to purchase.

More details here:

Rachel McLarin, Education Coordinator, Sydney Symphony (02) 8215 4615


3MBS education program Saturday morning 8am

January 28, 2011

3MBS education program

Saturday morning 8am

Australia/Melbourne 103.5 FM



January 13, 2011

3MBS FM – Program Highlights 3MBS FM is Australia’s leading Community radio station for Fine Music – Classical, Folk and Jazz.

3MBS FM can be streamed live over the internet, making it easy to tune into their “Classically Kids” program from all over the world: Saturday mornings 8-9am (AEST).

3MBS FM 103.5 if you are in Melbourne!


4 chord songs from another angle

June 26, 2013 Four chords … 123 songs … 2 minutes … Mal Webb’s 1-5-6-4 looping melody


a cappella workshops (Vic)

July 19, 2012

aMuse presents two more a cappella workshops

featuring Amelia Alder and Chris Blain of Vocal Australia


Date: Thursday August 2

An exploration of some proven methods for arranging contemporary a cappella in four – eight parts as well as an interactive workshop devise new original arrangements.


Explore some proven methods for arranging contemporary a cappella in four – eight parts. We will explore the whole process from conception to completion with an interactive example piece through a step by step process. Explore handy tips on software use, resource collection, support avenues and more.


Vocal MIXUP is an interactive workshop to put our new arranging methods to good use. Participants will work in groups to devise original arrangements of well-known a cappella songs using the skills they have learned in the arranging session. No prior experience or scoring or notation required.

You should attend this workshop if:

You enjoy singing vocal harmony and would like to know more

You would like to be able to arrange music that appeals your class, group or choir

You have a basic knowledge of music theory

You would like to speed up and refine your arranging process

You would like assistance in teaching your year 12 music students

If you’re not sure whether this session is right for you, please email


Date: Wednesday 14 November

A complete  package that explores the process of writing, arranging, scoring and performing original a cappella music from start to end. Participants will work in groups to explore, devise and create original songs which will be arranged into 4-8 part harmony and performed for exploratory purposes. We will explore solid processes for everything from brain-storming themes to texturing vocal backing parts.

You should attend this workshop if:

You enjoy singing a cappella music and would like to write your own

You have tried to write songs in the past but have got “stuck” along the way

You have a basic knowledge of music theory

You would like support and tips on writing original music

If you’re not sure whether this session is right for you, please email

COST (per workshop)

$130.00 (members)

$190.00 (non-members)


9.30am – 3.30pm


Statewide Resources Centre

150 Palmerston Street, Carlton

Melway reference — Map 2B:H6

Booking essential

Lunch is provided



ABC Sinfonietta podcast

June 20, 2011

For the last 6 years, conductor Richard Gill has been working with the Sydney Symphony’s Education Dept. to encourage young composers to write for Sinfonia, the training orchestra of the Sydney Symphony. Brooke Green spoke to participants of this year’s project and created this collage.

Listen here


ABODA Victoria Concert Band Composition Contest 2012

September 3, 2012

ABODA Victoria Concert Band Composition Contest 2012

ABODA Victoria is now accepting submissions for the ABODA Victoria Concert Band Composition Contest 2012

Category 1: A work for concert band for young players; aimed at Grade Level 1 – 2.

First Prize: $1000 and publication by Brolga Music Publishing; Second Prize: $500; Honourable Mention

Category 2: A work for concert band for more experienced players; aimed at Grade Level 3 – 4.

First Prize: $1000 and publication by Brolga Music Publishing; Second Prize: $500; Honourable Mention

All Entries must be received by 4.00pm, Friday 5 October, 2012

DOWNLOAD Details, Conditions of Entry and Entry form, and Reference Scores from ABODA Victoria:




accelerando lesson plan

May 5, 2013

Play the following two songs, and ask the students to guess what they have in common: Zorba the Greek & In the Hall of the Mountain King (by Grieg). ANSWER = accelerando (gradual speeding up of tempo). In pairs, ask students to create their own 30 second composition which features an accelerando.


Acid Studio 7

December 15, 2009

Go to resource: Acid Studio 7 allows students to compose songs, record, mix and upload for distribution. Read more…


ACMF 2012 results

November 7, 2012

Click HERE to see the 2012 winners of the Australian Children’s Music Foundation song-writing competition. Congratulations all!


ACO 2011 Concert Season Program notes

March 19, 2011

The program notes from ACO’s 2011 concert season contain program notes on interesting 20th century works (by Alex Ross).


Acting Up, A Melodrama (ArtsEdge USA)

June 1, 2010

Go to resource: Acting Up, A Melodrama, published by the Kennedy Center, US, and written by Mary Beth Bauernschub, is a unit based on the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Read more…


Age of Enlightenment – song writing project

January 25, 2011

Enlightenment Assignment – a Secondary school Music assignment for small groups. Lesson structure, assignment work and marking matrix are all included (free).


AMPAL lyric writing activity (free)

August 6, 2012

FREE RESOURCE HERE: Use these questions to inspire lyric-writing in groups.

  1. Decisions made in the past
  2. Decisions I made when there was an alternative
  3. The best decision I ever made
  4. The worst decision I ever made
  5. Which Way to Go?
  6. Where to in future?
  7. Things in my mind I want to escape from
  8. The best place I’ve ever been
  9. What role music in making decisions?

aMuse Sample Units

January 11, 2011

Sample Units from Australian Music Educators Assoc (Vic) – under the heading “aMuse VELS Support Documents”


App: compose by humming

May 15, 2013

ScoreCleaner Notes ($1) = a new app allows you to hum or sing into your device, and it will write up a score … then let you share it over social media. I haven’t tried it yet, but here’s an article about it:


APRA PD Awards – music writers

December 23, 2012

APRA is offering cash prizes to song writers in 2013 to enhance their development as music or song writers.


Arab rappers sing revolts

March 25, 2013

Middle Eastern pacifists are writing raps to protest against war. Read the article HERE.


Archie Roach – quote to inspire composition

February 17, 2013

This quote is found under the CD of Archie Roach’s latest album: “Into the Bloodstream“. Read the quote to your students and ask them to write a composition or song in response.

“My recent bouts of illness I’m sure are a result of the Pain of being removed from my family at a young age and more recently the loss of someone I loved so dearly. But Pain can also bring about change in one’s life for the better. We can choose to ignore the Pain until it becomes unbearable or we can do something. You see some events in my life I will never truly get over and the Pain will always be there but I can do something about it. I can write songs, songs about making it to the Top of the Hill no matter how far, songs about not being alone so don’t cry, songs about all of us having a song to sing and songs we can dance to.”


articles on Nigel Westlake

January 30, 2011

Westlake articles – click on the link to ‘Articles’ to view many free articles/lectures on Nigel Westlake’s film music


Artists in Residence (Tasmania)

January 21, 2010

Go to resource: Artists in Residence (air) is run by arts@work (Arts Tasmania), and funded by the Australia Council. Read more…


Artology – applications

March 14, 2013

Dear teachers

Please see below information about a wonderful project that may interest your senior students (Australia-wide). It is a great opportunity to explore your creativity with like-minded students from across all arts disciplines. Please forward to students who may be interested.


Louise Barkl

Artology Remix 2013

Calling all teenagers | Entries close 15 March

How would you like to create a great work of performance art alongside some of Australia’s top performers, writers and other artists?

Artology Remix is a creative program that gives you exactly that opportunity.

If you are a budding artist from ANY art form (Dance, Music, Drama, Visual Arts etc.), we encourage you to apply. You do NOT need to be skilled in all the art forms – you only need to be proficient in at least one.

You will meet inspiring people and create art at the highest level. You will meet like-minded individuals and be mentored at every turn. You will emerge from this program with skills and knowledge you can’t imagine.

All tuition is FREE. If you are 15-20 years old, and passionate about your creativity, apply HERE (

You will meet inspiring people and create art at the highest level. You will meet like‐minded individuals
and be mentored (free) at every turn. You will emerge from this program with skills and knowledge you can’t
Applications are being accepted from students aged 15‐18 from anywhere in Australia. While this
program is designed with high school students in mind, we will also accept applications from older and
younger students who demonstrate strong aptitude and desire to participate.
The workshops will take place during school holidays in April and June/July 2013 as follows:
 WORKSHOP 1: a 10‐day period between 16‐ 25 April; exact dates to be announced
 WORKSHOP 2: a 14‐day period between 29 June ‐13 July; exact dates to be announced
 PERFORMANCE: occurs at the end of the July period at the Art Gallery of NSW in July 2013.

Arts Alive – multi arts online content for Oz teachers

July 19, 2013

Multi-arts online lessons, videos and other free resources, produced by the Songroom.


Arts Centre – Digital Learning Hub

January 17, 2011

The Arts Centre (Vic) Digital Learning Hub – The Arts Centre (Melbourne) Music Education programs


ArtsEdge (Western Australia)

July 2, 2010

Go to resource: ArtsEdge (Western Australia) is a collaboration between the education, arts, and cultural sectors in WA. Read more…


Aus Flute Convention Oct 4-7, 2013

May 25, 2013

The next Australian Flute Festival will be held in 2013 at the Australian National University School of Music, Canberra.

Supersaver – Registration closes May 31st Register Online

Flute Composition Competition – Entries close June 1 Competition Page


Australian Music Centre

December 20, 2009

Go to resource: The Australian Music Centre (AMC), located at the Rocks in Sydney, is a comprehensive resource for Australian music. Read more…


Bubble Harp for iPad & iPhone

August 1, 2011

Bubble Harp draws bubbles around your fingertips, recording and replaying your movements while creating music. It’s a combination of drawing, animation, music, art, geometry and gaming.

$1.99 at iTunes store for iPad or iPhone


Button Beats free website

February 4, 2012

A bit of fun – create music using an on-screen keyboard or guitar, or using the faces of a 3D cube.



December 23, 2012

This online site is provided free by the Arts Centre (Melbourne) – encouraging students to mash music and have creative fun.


cinematic musical

March 19, 2012

Watch THIS TEDx YouTube clip about a collaboratively-made film by Daniel Johns (from Silverchair) and Josh Wakely. Discuss how music can be inspired by images, stories and pictures. Discuss how film can be inspired by music.


Classics for Kids

March 3, 2010

Go to resource: Classics for Kids is a podcast station that streams classical music suitable for children.

Read more…


composing on computers in the classroom

April 29, 2012

Read blog post at the above link about the benefits of using computers to help students compose.


Composing Together (publication)

April 1, 2013

“Minds on Music” – This textbook enhances preservice and practicing music educators’ understanding of ways to successfully engage children in music composition. It offers both a rationale for the presence of composition in the music education program and a thorough review of what we know of children’s compositional practices to date. Minds On Music offers a solid foundation for planning and implementing composition lessons with students in grades PreK-12.


Creating Meaning Through Literature and the Arts

December 21, 2009

Go to resource: Creating Meaning Through Literature and the Arts by Claudia Cornett (2006) is a textbook specifically for classroom teachers. Read more…


Creating new stuff

February 21, 2010

Go to resource: Creating new stuff, published by Noteable, focuses on composition for 11 to 15 year old students. Read more…


creative digital tasks for Aussie students (with prizes)

August 1, 2012

Here are a series of digital challenges for students - exciting
opportunities for music students across Australia.

The eTrack challenge gives students the great opportunity: To write
and record an original song that tells a story. The story may be based
on personal experience, a friend, a folklore or fairy-tale.

Winners will be awarded digital prizes from our sponsors Adobe, Wacom
and Scholastic at the exciting ceremony at the Sydney Opera House in

Other opportunities include:
* eProfile challenge: To create an informative and motivating eProfile
about an inspirational person such as a singer, composer, musician,
inventor, instrument maker, producer – anyone who is related to the
music world and inspires the students.

The website is at
> For further information please email


Diatonic Harmony worksheet – free

March 6, 2011

free worksheet – suit middle to upper secondary Music students, working with chord creation theory




January 23, 2011

Dismuke - a website dedicated to music of the early 20th century, including early recordings.


Emerging Composers – senior lesson idea

October 12, 2011

Ask senior student to each choose one composer from the list in this AMC article and to summarise the main points. Students will then share their findings with the rest of the class (verbally or via a blog).


FaceBook page sharing student Music work

March 19, 2011

An American Music teacher shares his students’ recordings and digital music creations on a FaceBook page.

Listen to & read some of the examples for lesson ideas!


Federation Bells workshop Jan 2013

January 23, 2013

Never before has it been so easy for young people to compose music for the amazing Federation Bells in Birrarung Marr.

In this new workshop, young people create their masterpiece on the computer at the Digital Learning Hub at Arts Centre Melbourne. Participants learn about the bells and how they work. They then will be guided through the music composition process and finally walk the short distance to the Bells to hear their piece played live! No musical experience is required.

Thursday 24 and Friday 25 Jan, 2pm
Duration: 2 hrs 30 min


Ages 9+    Accompanying adult free   Limited places available

Book now or phone 1300 182 183


Finale NotePad

February 4, 2010

Go to resource: Finale NotePad is a downloadable program that introduces teachers and students to music notation software and is recommended for composition students. Read more…


Fleximusic Composer

February 4, 2010

Go to resource: Fleximusic Composer is a downloadable software program that allows students and teachers to record, mix, create, and edit compositions. Read more…


Fleximusic Kids Composer

February 4, 2010

Go to resource: Fleximusic Kids Composer is a downloadable software program that introduces young students to music recording, mixing, sampling, and creating. Read more…



March 11, 2010

Go to resource: Fortissimo!, written by Roy Bennett and published by Cambridge UP, covers musical concepts such as performing, composing, listening, analysing music. Read more…


Free access to Klerrisa Music resources Oct 2012

October 7, 2012

This month (October 2012) Klerrisa Music’s ACCESS site (usually available to paying customers) is FREE to all teachers. Browse through brilliant resources (Middle School to High School) and sample tastes of many different units, lesson plans and worksheets.


free MTRS UK resources – film music & composition

November 6, 2011

Lots of units of work (including audio tracks) for studying many topics, including film music with Year 7-8… 20th century composition with Year 11-12 … using GarageBand … atonal music … much more (free!)

Thanks to MTRS in UK for sharing :-)


FREE Pro Tools workshop (Vic) – June 23

June 12, 2011

On Thursday June 23rd Future Music will be running a FREE  PD session on the new PRO TOOLS 9.
This is an introduction to the new recording software which is now simpler to use and is much less expensive than before.

PRO TOOLS is an industry standard used in TV, movie and recording studios everywhere. The version for schools use has the same technology, but is appropriate for classroom particularly in a VCE and VET application, it can now be used directly with Sibelius.

The presenter for this PD is Peter Wardrobe from AVID, who will introduce you to the process in an easy to understand non technical form. We will record using MIDI and audio. Part of the session will take place in a professional recording  studio, where you can get up close to the real environment.

The session will finish around 6pm and we will round off with drinks and light refreshments. There is no charge for this session.

The address for this PD is:
2a Florence St (off Huntingdale road)

RSVP is essential.
Please call JUDY on 9808 8988



February 4, 2010

Go to resource: GarageBand is a downloadable software program by Apple that assists with music creation and podcasts. Read more…


GarageBand unit document

October 9, 2012

THIS blogging music teacher provides us with a free handout – a unit outline and planner for middle school students writing film music in GarageBand. THANKS!


Goran Bregovic, Tales & Songs for Weddings & Funerals – Education Kit

January 22, 2010

Go to resource: Goran Bregovic – Tales & Songs for Weddings & Funerals education kit is provided through the Melbourne International Arts Festival site, and was performed at the festival in 2008. Read more…


Help with Sibelius 7 software

July 26, 2013

Here are some free tips re. Sibelius 7 software from Music Technology Matters


Ideas on giving ONLINE assessment feedback

January 9, 2012

Use SoundCloud and blogging to give students feedback on recorded performances / compositions. Read more HERE.


Indigenous song-writing kit

January 24, 2013

As a tribute to Ruby Hunter, Archie Roach has just released a kit about a song-writing trip to Cape York.   Butcher Paper, Texta, Black Board and Chalk The kit includes a CD of songs (written by Cape York school kids with Ruby Hunter) & a book of lyrics and art-work & a DVD documentary of the journey through Cape York (including song-writing sessions and jamming). The cross-curricular content of the DVD is brilliant – music, art, indigenous culture, creativity, etc. More info HERE.

LESSON IDEA: Play the DVD, then try song-writing with your class (about their own place, home and country) … later play the CD and encouraged students to draw pictures to go with the words (as did Ruby).


Instant Lessons (Aus publications)

January 17, 2013 These 5 volumes of “Instant Lessons in Music” have handy worksheets to photocopy … give to emergency teachers, and extend / catch up some students. Suits Year 5 – Year 11. Covers music theory, music in Australia, song-writing, composition and personal responses.


Integrating Music with curriculum (Phil Tulga)

January 7, 2011

Go to resource: Phil Tulga presents a list of interactive activities and lesson plans which combine Music with Science, Language and Maths.


Integrating the arts: twelve school-based experiences

February 2, 2010

Go to resource: Integrating the arts: twelve school-based experiences, published by the Department for Education and Children’s Services, SA, 1997, gives twelve case best-practice case studies for the teaching of the arts in schools. Read more…


Internat Song Writing contest – Aussies did really well!

May 2, 2012
Australian musicians make up an amazing 57% of the overall winners of the US-based International Songwriting Competition, just announced. They took all three place in the rock section. Judges included Tom Waits, Jeff Beck, Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Smith (The Cure), Tori Amos, McCoy Tyner, Kelly Clarkson, John Mayall, Monte Lipman (President, Universal Republic Records) and many others. See the winners on the website.

International Song Writing Competition 2012

June 4, 2012

There is a category for U18 song-writers (“teen” category). Please note that there is a $30+ application fee.


iPad apps for Orff lessons

June 19, 2011

A few iPad apps which might contribute to an Orff type lesson (if you have a class set of iPads for Music)


Jam Trax

February 4, 2010

Go to resource: Jam Trax, created by Sony, is a software program for children that enables music creation of contemporary songs, including rock, pop, and hip hop styles. Read more…


Jam2Jam – online collaborative composition

March 1, 2011

Jam2Jam – inexpensive software for online, collaborative composition (without the need for instrumental skills)


James Humberstone

July 24, 2013

James is a well-known music technology educator and composer. His website includes free samples of school ensemble music as well as conference presentation notes.


last period – just for fun – composition

August 8, 2011

Isle of Tune website

Create a video-game-type composition where trees and houses = musical tones … cars = players


lesson plan on Contemp Melbourne Trio

March 20, 2011

Listen to the  ABC podcast (listen here) of ‘Golden Fur’ – a Melbourne Trio playing “Parallel Collisions” at a live concert.

As the music is playing, ask students for suggestions re. what instruments are being played … and in what manner! There are many really unusual techniques employed in this piece.

Students with access to the internet can then create a Word or OneNote page with information on the trio ‘Golden Fur’ (use Google and and the way in which they play traditional instruments in a contemporary way.

Finally, create a group composition or soundscape which uses unusual techniques of playing classroom instruments. HAVE FUN!!

PS Feel free to record the class creation and email it to


List of free Music education resources online

June 3, 2011

Wright Stuff Music offers a list of links for fun online music activities (K-12)


list of ways to write one beat

May 22, 2011


Logic Studio (Apple)

February 16, 2010

Go to resource: Logic Studio by Apple is a software program that enables music recording, editing, mixing, and performance. Read more…


Making Music Being Well – 16 to 22 May, 2011

April 19, 2011

Have you signed up yet to be part of Making Music Being Well?

This national initiative, which takes place from 16 – 22 May, is a collaboration between Music: Play for Life and the Australian Music Therapy Association and it’s all about a grassroots celebration of the links between music making and wellbeing.

When you register to participate – it’s FREE – we’ll send you event posters, stickers and brochures and you’ll get access to lots of downloadable resources including event planning and promotional tips. How you participate is up to you.

The best way to be involved is to take something you may already have planned for that week and hitch it to the national wagon of Making Music Being Well 2011. You don’t have to do something on every day during the week – one event is enough. Your event will be outlined on the MMBW website and you and your group members or students will be helping to shine the national spotlight on an important fact: music is good for you!

Here are a few ideas based on previous years: Open the doors to the community for your rehearsal that falls within the MMBW week and turn it into a free performance. Take your choir or group to a nursing home, hospital or school. Organise a big sing at your workplace. Turn a school assembly into a musical celebration and tell students and parents about the value and benefits of making music. Convene a drum circle in your school playground. Run an open mic session at your local pub or club. Organise a gathering of community music leaders and organisers in your area and discuss how you could pool resources and share skills.

Register to be part of it at

AND … don’t forget – registration for our biggest school music initiative, Music: Count Us In, opens soon too!


Marimba Music Making WITH JON MADIN

April 19, 2011

Marimba Music Making  WITH JON MADIN

Date    Thursday 2 June 2011
Time    9.30am – 3.30pm
Venue    150 Palmerston Street, CARLTON
Cost    $130 members/$190 non-members

An amazing smorgasbord of ideas for hands-on music making using marimbas and many other Jon Madin’s ingeniously created instruments. Suitable for any primary or lower secondary music teaching environment. Would be suitable for primary generalists. You will go away with a wealth of repertoire and activity ideas.

About Jon
Jon Madin is a trained classroom music teacher with a background in a wide variety of music-making. His experience includes playing in folk/rock bands, multi-cultural bands, orchestra and early music consorts. He also leads family music workshops and bush dances.

He has also worked extensively in musical instrument design – marimbas in particular, as well as many other experimental musical instruments.

For further information about Jon Madin, check out the Marimba Music website:

Kevin Kelley
Executive Officer
Association of Music Educators (Vic) Inc
150 Palmerston Street
CARLTON Victoria 3053

Phone 03 9349 1048
Fax 03 9349 1052


Mash-Up lesson idea & ReCount

June 15, 2011

Talk about mash-ups with your middle school music class – where musicians take lots of songs and mix them into a new musical work. Try mashing up the MUSIC. COUNT US IN song for 2011 – the stem files (MP3) for which are freely available here. Elephant Song medley from Moulin Rouge (a mash-up) The same Elephant Song medley from Moulin Rouge, but this clip inserts the ORIGINAL versions of songs

Sensitive New Age Cow Persons wrote a new Australian Anthem, which mashes 13 iconic Australian songs.

Adam Hills has put the words of the real Australian Anthem to ‘Working Class Man’

A lesson plan on mash-ups can be found in ‘Instant Lessons in Music – Book 4‘ available from Blake Education.


Matthew Hindson website

November 11, 2012

Explore the music and methods of Australia’s Matthew Hindson HERE thanks to Musica Viva.


MCUI song writers needed for 2012

May 9, 2012

Minister Garrett has given the green light for Music: Count Us In 2012 and he has committed four years of funding!

This year’s culminating day is Thursday, 1st November.

Want to have more than half a million Australians sing YOUR song?  Write a song that’s catchy, optimistic and upbeat and yours could be the Song That Stops Australia for Music: Count Us In 2012.

You will receive a $1000 fee for use of your song in the program and a high-profile Australian performer will record it and visit your school. As the Program Songwriter you will also attend one of the culminating media events, all expenses paid.

You may work on your own, with co-writer/s or even write a song as a whole class exercise.

But you must work quickly, because we need your submission by 5.00 pm Friday, 25th May.

Download the brief here.


Medea: Sasha Waltz and guests – Education Kit

January 22, 2010

Medea: Sasha Waltz and guests was a work performed at the 2009 Melbourne International Arts Festival. Read more…


minimalist composition workshop for students (Melb)

May 28, 2012

QATSI Experience Workshop workshop at the Digital Learning Hub at Arts Centre Melbourne is coming up very soon. In August 2012 the Phillip Glass Ensemble conducted by Michael Riesman comes to Melbourne to play the score live for the three powerhouse Godfrey Reggio films Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance, Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation and Naqoyqatsi: Life as War

They are running a 5 session workshop over June and July that involves participants composing a piece of music in the minimalist style and then producing a piece of video to go with the music. Please see the website below for a more detailed explanation of the workshop. It would suit students from Yr. 9 upwards with an interest in composition and/or video, film making or just any student with a general interest in music and video production. The sessions are on Saturdays and Monday evenings at the following times:

Session Dates

Saturday 9th June: 10am – 4pm

Monday 18th June: 5pm – 8pm

Saturday 23rd June: 1pm – 4pm

Monday 16th July: 5pm – 8pm

Saturday July 21st: 10am – 4pm


Workshop Sessions only: $250 General Public              $200 Student (with ID)

Discount ticket price for The Qatsi Trilogy concerts (bookable with workshop sessions): $25

For more information please contact Amy Bennett at the Digital Learning Hub on 9281 8015 or


Missy Higgins video

March 19, 2012

THIS 15 minutes video is Missy Higgins (Australian singer song-writer) playing and talking about 3 songs.


Mixcraft – PC music software

June 3, 2011

Apple computer users love GarageBand software for making music.

Non-Apple users might like “Mixcraft” for recording, editing and looping music.


Mixcraft software free tutorial online

September 27, 2012


MoMu – creating Music on iPhones

February 15, 2011

MoMu - This paper discusses an open source platform for creating Music on iPhones, as created at Stanford University.


mozART group & re-arranging lessons

August 24, 2011

Watch this YOUTUBE CLIP of the MozART Group from Poland. It is an entertaining collage of Classical String Quartets re-interpreted :-)

Now choose a Classical piece of music (Google search for the Classical Top 100) or nursery rhyme and change it drastically … into pop, funk, country, metal, etc. You may wish to write lyrics to go with the Classical melody.       OR

Choose a piece of pop music and arrange it for a classical ensemble. Start by putting the vocal line into an instrument, then find chords to go underneath.

HINT: Google search for the song name + free + midi. You may well be able to save a midi file from the internet, which will open in Finale / Audacity / Sibelius, etc.


multicultural music mixing

March 8, 2011

free online mixing game – BBC has created on online interactive mixing webpage … choose a nationality (African, Cuban, Celtic, New Orleans, Oriental, Spanish, UK) … use sliders to bring different tracks and sound effects into your mix. A perfect activity for mixed ability classes where some students have no instrumental skills.

Lesson Idea: let students discover the BBC Music Mixing webpage … then discuss the similarities and differences between the different cultures of music represented on the webpage … ask each student to create a Venn diagram which compares two of the musical cultures from the website


MuseScore software tips

January 26, 2011

MuseScoreTips - MuseScore is free software for music notation – this site gives tutorials, shortcuts and tips


Music Biz chat Monday 4th June (Melb)

June 3, 2012 is proud to be associated with this great night of music industry information and discussion. This looks like a great panel this year, so for just $10 you should get down to the Toff in Melbourne next Monday night. There is also a chance to meet the panel and network after the discussion is concluded. See you there! DOWNLOAD AMPAL SONGWRITER”S POSTER


Music Composition (ArtsEdge USA)

June 1, 2010

Go to resource: First Rhythmic Composition is a lesson plan written for 11 to 13 year olds, published by the Kennedy Center, US. Read more…


Music Education in Primary Schools

December 20, 2009

Go to resource: Music Education in Primary Schools, written by Graeme Askew, published by Education Australia (1993), this resource is for students and teachers, and incorporates Kodaly and Orff methods. Read more…


Music in childhood: from preschool through the elementary grades

December 21, 2009

Go to resource: Music in childhood: from preschool through the elementary grades, written by Patricia Shehan Campbell and Carol Scott-Kassner. Read more…


Music. Count Us In 2011 – song written

April 15, 2011

On April 12th 2011, a dozen talented teenage singer-songwriters were mentored by John Foreman, Claire Bowditch, Holly Throsby,  Rai Thistlethwayte (Thirsty Merc) and Kavyen Temperley (Eskimo Joe).

The result was the 2011 song for Music. Count Us In (1st September 2011).

Watch this space for free lesson plans, free MP3 material, free Professional Development (for teachers) and free instrumental arrangements. Let’s get more music in more Australian schools!!

0 – free UK website for Music teachers

May 3, 2011 is a free website of Secondary Music teaching ideas, lesson plans and worksheets from UK Music teachers.

For example, here is a worksheet for Year 7’s learning about how orchestral players are seated:



February 19, 2010

Go to resource: MusicTime! by Ros McMillan, was published by Macmillan Education Australia, Melbourne, in 1998.   Read more…


MusicTime! : discover things!

February 19, 2010

Go to resource: MusicTime! : discover things! by Ros McMillan, was published by Hal Leonard Australia, Melbourne, in 2008.   Read more…


new books – Instant Lessons in Music – Australian

April 2, 2011

Fresh off the printing press – Instant Lessons in Music (Vols 3, 4 & 5) – photocopiable /digital lessons designed to enhance school Music programs OR leave for Emergency teachers (without the need for musical competency) – suits 11-16 year old Music classes – written by an Australian teacher for Australian students.

Vol 3: Music in Australia

Vol 4: Everyday musicality

Vol 5: Theory, composition & song-writing


New Millenium Records: Classroom

January 13, 2011

New Millenium Records – a rich resource for free lesson content. Most lessons are paragraphs of typed information embedded with free audio files or video clips to support the text.


Nigel Westlake – Antarctica – lecture

January 30, 2011

lecture on Antarctica by Westlake – a detailed lecture on Westlake’s film music to the movie Antarctica


NING for Music Educators (Australian)

April 25, 2011 is an Australian discussion forum for music educators.  It was set up with the intent of discussing ideas on classroom band programs, but it really is a forum for discussion on any aspect of Australian music teaching from P-12.  At present there is a small group of members, but I am hoping to build it up and draw on a wide range of professional knowledge and experience.

This group is completely FREE (in a monetary sense, not a moral or metaphysical sense).

Please come along and check it out.  The page is run as a ning, which is basically a social network with a particular focus.  It is great for online discussion, linking of video and photo and has facility for you to blog.  All you need to do is create an account.


NY Times top 10 Classical composers

January 26, 2011

NY Times article – research led Anthony Tommasini to publish the Top 10 Classical composers of all time in the New York Times (Jan 11, 2011)


NZ Exemplar Music lessons

January 25, 2011

New Zealand Curriculum Exemplars – several exemplar lessons for Primary and Secondary School Music (New Zealand)


online B flat composition exercise

March 1, 2011

In B flat – a collection of short audio/visual clips which can be played in sequence or simultaneously.

Lesson idea – explore the possibilities within this webpage THEN create your own 3-part composition in B flat.


OperaPlot on Twitter

March 1, 2011

#OperaPlot – 11-15 April 2011, Twitter members from around the world will be creating a new opera – one phrase at a time

This could make an interesting lesson idea – students write a sentence each … maybe even borrow the melody from another choral work …


Paul Kelly and Gravy at TEDx

March 17, 2012

HERE is a link to Paul Kelly’s 2011 TEDx talk. He describes how he came up with the song “How to Make Gravy”, then performs it live and acoustic. Watch this with your class, make a list of other songs which tell stories, then brainstorm ideas for your own story-song.


Paul Kelly app

April 16, 2012

HOW TO MAKE GRAVY is an app (costing about $15) which features background material to Paul Kelly’s music, as well as lyrics. The app links to any / all Paul Kelly songs already in your iTunes folder.

A great teaching resource for Australian contemporary music & song-writing.


Paul Kelly interview

April 25, 2013

Following the release of his 19th album and a biopic of his life, Paul Kelly spoke to the BBC’s Tom Donkin about the art of storytelling, and borrowing from the giants of literature.


Paul Kelly on BBC

May 19, 2013

Interview here:


Paul Kelly the movie – free teaching kit

February 17, 2013

“Stories of Me” was released in 2012. It is is a documentary about the life and career of the acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter, Paul Kelly. The film explores the relationship of Kelly’s art to his life and personal journey, and the hurdles he faced along the way. It also shows the way that Kelly’s work has been informed by Australian society and his work has in turn given voice to the experiences of many Australians, and at times the life of the nation

A free teaching kit can be downloaded FREE from THIS WEBSITE (after first creating a free login & password). It is designed for Year 11 and 12.


PBL Music – Project Based Learning

April 7, 2013

Try giving groups of students ‘big questions’ or composition tasks or performance challenges (eg. Battle of the Bands) and lots of space to self-direct with access to the internet … and see what they come up with. Some ideas HERE and HERE.


PD – Sound Safari – Musica Viva

March 5, 2011

The first session of Musica Viva’s “Sound Safari” (Professional Development for teachers) takes place in Carlton VIC on April 1st 2011. The same session will be held around Australia in 2011.

For more information on the program, please visit the website at


photography inspired composition

January 22, 2013

Ask students to choose a photo from THIS amazing page, and plan a soundscape or composition using any instruments. Once shared with the class, do “speed improvisation” – the teacher chooses a photo, and the entire class responds to the photo with whatever instrument/s they can reach.


Picture Song lyrics

November 23, 2011

Here’s a lesson idea inspired by YouTube’s “Picture Songs”. Ask a group of students to find 16 interesting / weird photos online and put them in a chosen order. Using another group’s pictures, groups create 4 beats worth of lyrics for each picture. Try to rhyme some of the lyrics. Ask a guitar-playing to vamp a 4-chord progression (eg. C, Am, F, G) while each group raps or songs their 16 lines of lyrics.


PLEASE play this to every class at school

June 28, 2012

The Goulburn Conservatorium has commissioned an electronic book and piano music to encourage students to learn piano, enjoy music, and compose. This link is free. ENJOY it with your students! Afterwards, ask them for their personal responses.


Protest Music meets comedy

October 1, 2011

Show your students the YouTube clip of Tim Minchin’s “Canvas Bags” song (NB it contains a few profanities). Discuss the damage done by plastic bags to our environment. Ask students to form song-writing groups & create their own protest song or rap. Also highlight the contrast of styles featured in Minchin’s song.


Pure Drop ABC video and lessons

February 15, 2011

Pure Drop – high quality audio and video footage (free) from the ABC & AFC & Federal Government, complete with free lesson plans and worksheets. Topics include Indigenous Music and World Music


Push Songs – free song writing workshop (Vic)

March 29, 2011

Attention Victorian Songwriters! Want to hone your songwriting skills with some of the music industry’s best?

Jeff Lang, Abby Dobson, Jen Cloher and Mark Seymour step off the stage and out of the studio, to joinCharles Jenkins’ innovative and inspiring songwriter’s program, Push Songs, in May and June to help upcoming and emerging Victorian songwriters.

The free all ages program was established by Jenkins (Shopfront Songs) in 2009 in partnership with The Push and APRA, and with the generous support of the State Government’s Arts Victoria funding program, and more recently the Australian Government’s Australia Council.

Twelve applicants will be chosen to take part in three, one on one, 1.5 hour songwriting workshops betweenMay 3 and June 8 at The Push offices in Brunswick. They will develop song ideas and sketches with Jenkins as well as two of this round’s special guest songwriters Lang, Dobson, Cloher and Seymour.

Participants from all corners of the state of Victoria of any age are encouraged to apply for Push SongsPush Songs APPLICATIONS CLOSE Wednesday 20 April. The online application is very easy and participants will be chosen on suitability, as well as what they will get out of the program. Fill out an application online via (follow the links to Push Songs).


quotes from legendary female musicians

March 8, 2011

free article – an article full of quotes from female music legends


random lessons using YouTube

January 27, 2013

THIS link takes you two random uses of YouTube in music-related lessons. If you have suggestions, PLEASE email them to schools.mpfl AT


Reconciliation Song-writing lesson idea for Sorry Day

March 10, 2011

A lesson idea for “National Sorry Day” … or any day.

Watch the Colli Crew’s song about reconciliation

In small groups, brainstorm phrases that rhyme with “reconciliation” and “it’s up to us”

Watch the Colli Crew’s 2010 ARIA Award winning song “Change the Game”

Create a class rap, make an audio recording, and place it on the school’s website.

Email a link (or a copy of the song) to

Listen to Indigenous Australian music from “Black Arm Band”, “Saltwater Band”, “Gurrumul Yunupingu” and “Archie Roach” on YouTube, iTunes, CD or GrooveShark.


Score It! = Queensland composition challenge

October 8, 2012

A film-scoring competition for secondary school-age students.

SCORE IT! throws down the gauntlet to young film composers across Queensland to create a unique and original composition to accompany a scoreless short film.

Entries will be judged by a panel of leading practitioners in film and composition and the winners of each category will be announced and awarded at a presentation ceremony during the Queensland Music Festival in July 2013.

For more information about SCORE IT! or to register your expression of interest visit QMF.ORG.AU. Please note this program is open to Queensland entrants only.

SCORE IT! is presented by Queensland Music Festival, Brisbane City Council and Cutting Edge. Queensland Music Festival is an initiative of the Queensland Government.


Senior Music Composition Folio

January 14, 2013

My brave idea for Year 11 this year is to give them one piece of theory each week – to research, then apply to their own composition. The booklet is attached – feel free to use and amend for your own teaching purposes. ENJOY!


Sibelius Groovy Music

February 4, 2010

Go to resource: Sibelius Groovy Music is a software program that assists with teaching music to five to eleven year old students. Read more…


Simple guideline to the elements of composition

January 9, 2012

HERE is Mrs Gower’s free explanation of the elements to consider while composing. Language is accessible for middle school students.


sinfonietta 2011 Secondary Composition competition & free teacher PD

March 13, 2011


Sinfonietta Composition Project 2012

April 3, 2012

Sinfonietta Composition Project

What is Sinfonietta?

• A national project identifying composition talent – open to all Australian high school


• Students compose and submit an original piece based upon a model work or composition


• It is supported by a preparation kit full of activities useful for teaching composition in the

classroom and a professional learning seminar.

• Successful applicants gather in Sydney to workshop their compositions with Richard Gill and

musicians over 3 days culminating in an open workshop.

2012 Composition Focus:

How to write counterpoint – activities inspired by Bach’s Musical Offering

The Sinfonietta Resource Kit can be purchased separately.

Cost $25

To order the Sinfonietta Resource Kit, email

For more information visit


SMH 14/4/2011 – Music. Count Us In

April 15, 2011


One song to be written, one day to do it – and about 500,000 people to sing it and judge how it sounds. That was the equation faced by a dozen schoolchildren who were coached by leading lights of Australian music yesterday in writing this year’s ditty for the annual Music: Count Us In project. The teenagers were given guidelines for the composition, but Eskimo Joe’s Kav Temperley said: ”I told them to forget about that completely.” The result with his pupils was lyrics about ”pocketful of poo, something about spew”, he said proudly. But it rhymed. ”That’s what we’re saying: it’s gotta be good.” Regurgitative references aside, the Diary’s anthem correspondent, Adam Fulton, reports that the students were beyond chuffed to come from around Australia to get the guidance of Temperley, Clare Bowditch, Holly Throsby and Rai Thistlethwayte for the project, which is designed to raise awareness of the value of music education in schools. By day’s end the song chosen by the project’s ”ambassador”, John Foreman, to be sung by students from about 1600 Australian schools at the same time on September 1 was by Thistlethwayte’s bunch and carries the working titleWe’ve Got the Music. Its chorus: ”Get on your feet / Feel the heartbeat / We’ve got the music / We’re not too proud to say it out loud / We’re not afraid to use it.”

from Sydney Morning Herald 14.4.2011 Matt Buchanan and Rachel Olding


February 21, 2011

random chords – a cute page which randomly chooses a key and chord progression (each time you press refresh) to help song-writers get out of a rut!


song re-mix activity

January 26, 2012

Students can practise digital editing skills and explore tone colour + form through re-mixing songs. Online music software called MusicShake runs re-mix competitions. Listen to their winners HERE.


Song Writing via V/C (Vic)

November 5, 2012

ANATOMY OF MUSIC with Katie Noonan

We’ll pull it apart so you can put it together. Live from the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne and around Victoria via Interactive Video Conference.

10am Friday 16 November 2012

Equipped with the latest technology, top of the range digital piano and an experienced music educator (not to mention her immaculate voice), Katie Noonan will give your students an invaluable insight into the song writing process.

In a unique learning experience, she’ll sing, tinkle the ivories and use samples of ARIA award-winning recordings to guide students through a tailored workbook.

Anatomy of Music is a brand new series of composition workshops allowing secondary music students all over VIC the opportunity to work with Australia’s leading composers and songwriters via live performance and interactive video conferencing.

Where: ACMI, Federation Square, Flinders Street, Melbourne

When: 10am – 1pm, Friday 16 November, 2012 (week 6, term 4)

Live Workshop: $20 per student

Interactive Video Conference: $150 per school *schools eligible are outside Metro region **school must have Polycom connection

We do understand it is exam time. This workshop is open to ALL secondary students.

Call 9645 7935 or email Danielle for bookings and more information.

Attached is a booking form if you’d like to secure your spot now!

You can also visit:


song-write for $1000 due 25 May 2012

May 13, 2012

Here is a powerpoint presentation to show students … before asking them to write a song for 500 000 students to perform on November 1st, 2012 in Australia. Write individually or as a group. Keep the lyrics positive and optimistic.

Music: Count Us In has full details – due 25 May, 2012. $1000 up for grabs!


song-writing competition MCUI 2013

March 6, 2013

Music: Count Us In offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a talented young person to have their song sung by over half a million students.

  • A small group of students will be selected by our judging panel to work with a celebrity mentor for the songwriting session in April.
  • Their song will stop Australia in its tracks on October 31st.
  • Students must be quick, work to the brief and send us an optimistic, upbeat song idea of 1-3 minutes by 22nd March.
  • Successful students will receive payment for their work.

Download the brief at


song-writing with primary students

October 19, 2011

Look at this website from The Patch Primary School to get ideas of composition activities to do with your students.


Sony – Essentials of Music

January 23, 2011

Essentials of Music – Sony Music has set up a music resource website which provides free information on 60 Classical composers, including 200+ free samples of their music.



September 16, 2013

Described by some as “GarageBand in a browser”:

Via the internet, create tracks with a microphone, loops and SFX.


Soundhouse (Victoria)

January 21, 2010

Go to resource: Soundhouse provides support for contemporary music-making in schools, including the implementation of music technology. Read more…


SoundPrism – iPad & iPhone app FREE

October 19, 2011

SoundPrism enables you to create music immediately without any previous knowledge. With its visualisation of pitches and intuitive controls – composing melodies and chord patterns become child’s play. Great for special needs students on an iPad.

Students learn to … experience the cause and effect of moving their hands across the screen.


Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra

February 15, 2011

MoPho - Since 2007, Stanford University has been exploring the possibilities of a socially connected Mobile Phone Orchestra.


State Music Camp 2013 NSW Richard Gill

May 1, 2013

Message from the Arts Unit (NSW):

The Arts Unit is excited to announce that Richard Gill, one of Australia’s leading music educators, will be working with students at this year’s State Senior Music Camp.

Richard will be conducting the full camp item – Faure’s Requiem. He will also conduct the vocal ensemble and run HSC performance and composition workshops.

In order to give all students the opportunity to work with Richard, we have extended the closing dates for applications to Friday 10 May 2013.

The application form and information about the camps can be found by visiting

Thank you in advance for advertising this opportunity to your students.

Kind Regards,


Scott Ryan

Instrumental Music Programs Assistant

The Arts Unit


String Quartet program notes

April 3, 2011

Flinders Quartet (free) program notes for April 2011 concert.

new Australian work: Ian Munro’s String Quartet No.2 ‘A Colonial Sketchbook’

Mozart K.413 arranged for Piano and String Quartet

Debussy String Quartet in G minor Op.10


student song-writer – ACMF winners – lesson plan

October 24, 2011

The above website links to the 2011 prize-winners of the Australian Children’s Music Foundation song-writing competition. Categories catered for students aged 5 through to 18. LESSON IDEA: Listen to the winning songs (from the website) for each class’s age-category and discuss the strengths and musical elements of each winning song.


Sydney Symph PD Sat 17 Feb 2012

February 14, 2012

The Professional Learning seminar is a 3-hour workshop for music teachers and senior music students. Based on the Meet the Music concert repertoire, it provides teachers with resources and strategies that support the Stage 5 and 6 music courses.

The 2012 seminar will focus on the developing Australian composition style, from Sculthorpe to Hindson and a new commission by Barry Conyngham. The seminar is ideal for students studying Music of the Past 25 Years (Australian focus) for the HSC, or studying Australian music as an elective topic.

Special guest presenter: Dr Matthew Hindson

Friday 17 February 2.00pm-5.00pm

Sydney Opera House Concert Hall

First participant $230 (Mandatory participation fee)
Additional participants $190
University and school aged students $25 (includes attendance at the seminar and notes)
Free for PSP and CAP schools

Schools participating in the Meet the Music Professional Learning program receive one BONUS complimentary subscription for every ten Meet the Music subscriptions booked. Please note that there is a limit of five complimentary subscriptions per participating institution.



Sydney Symphony opportunities for schools

June 21, 2013

Our next series of school concerts at the ABC in Ultimo have places available on the following dates:

Stage 3:                AUG 13; AUG 16

Stage 2:                SEPT 10; 12; 13

Stage 1:                OCT 12; OCT 17

For more information check the website or email


Want to be part of this year’s Sydney Symphony “pop-up” music camp? Come spend a weekend with musicians of the Sydney Symphony playing a host of great orchestral music!

Applications are still open for any students keen to participate in Playerlink 2013 in Lismore from Friday 13th – Sunday 15th Sept.

The Australian Curriculum – New Teacher Resources

The ACARA Board has approved the Australian Curriculum in the Arts with the intention of presenting it to the Minister for sign off in July. What a long process this has been, under the leadership of Linda Lorenza. One of the benefits has been thedevelopment of good materials for teachersby a number of organisations to support the curriculum, which you may wish to use in your classrooms.

The Sydney Symphony was approached by Education Services Australia to provide classroom material for teachers as the new curriculum rolls out. Consequently we developed our BITE SIZED LESSON PLAN SERIES which can now be accessed free of charge on our website. These include a PDF of the teacher lesson notes and a PowerPoint of slides to use on smartboards or classroom computers.

Australian Music Day

On August 1-2 the Sydney Symphony Fellows will be the Ensemble-In-Residence at the MLC School Sydney’s Australian Music Day. They will be performing and workshopping Australian compositions by Ross Edwards, Matthew Hindson, Daniel Rojas and Paul Stanhope with elective music students from across the state.

If you are interested in attending with your students more information can be found on the Sydney Symphony website.


We have two open rehearsals left for schools in 2013

WESTLAKE and LIOR on September 5 at 10.30am in the concert hall of the Opera House

SYMPHONY FANTASTIC on October 9 at 10.30am in the concert hall of the Opera House

These are strictly for school groups – all tickets $10. We strongly recommend students be of high school age as these sessions are between 2 and 2.5 hours long.


With holidays looming now is a perfect opportunity to encourage those students who are working towards this year’s Sinfonietta project on motific development to get cracking!

A reminder that:




Sync or swing

December 20, 2009

Go to resource: Sync or swing is published by the NSW Department of Education and Training and provides support for teaching music K-6. Read more…


Tashi music-writing lesson

May 28, 2012

The creators of Tashi books (Barbara & Anna Fienberg) often write songs for their book characters to sing, but rarely have a melody / tune in mind. Pick any 5 notes from A through to G, and create a melody for a Tashi song. If you only use 5 different notes, it uses a pentatonic scale, and will sound Oriental — just like Tashi!



January 13, 2011 – an excellent website (by US teachers for teachers) with free lesson plans. Most lessons require computers as a resource or tool for quality Music lessons – from Bach to Rap! Some lessons include rubrics for assessment.


TED: One Man Orchestra of the Imagination

January 26, 2011

Andrew Bird is a one man band and composer. He gives a talk (video clip) for TED conference.


Telematic composers project

June 26, 2013

Telematic – performances with musicians in various continents using the internet.


TES connect – free teaching resources

January 10, 2011

Go to resource: TES Connect collates free teacher-created resources from UK. This link is for Secondary Music resources and links. You will need to sign up to view resources – signing up is free and simple.


The Arts Centre, Melbourne

January 23, 2010

Go to resource: The Arts Centre Melbourne provides education programs specifically for school students, including performances and workshops. Read more…


The Black Arm Band: dirtsong – Education Kit

January 22, 2010

The Black Arm Band: Dirtsong was a work performed at the 2009 Melbourne International Arts Festival. There is a free Education kit available here. The second half of the activities are specifically Music-related, while the first half are Arts and literacy-related. Read more…


The Black Arm Band: Hidden Republic – Education Kit

January 22, 2010

The Black Arm Band: Hidden Republic was a work performed at the 2008 Melbourne International Arts Festival. Read more…


TropFest score writing competition

November 12, 2012

Due December 2012, students are asked to write a short film score. There are 2 categories – U15 and 16+. More info HERE for 16+ and HERE for U15. $2000 and $5000 prize money!


TropFest winner – fun lesson idea

May 17, 2011

On Sunday 20 February 2011, Damon Gameau took out first prize for the 19th annual Movie Extra Tropfest in front of crowds of 150,000 nationwide. The film was titled “ANIMAL BEATBOX”. It creates a type of beat-box using only animal words – verbal percussion of sorts!

Watch the YouTube clip of Animal Beatbox (giggle and smile) then ask students to come up with a list of animals with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 syllables. Next, they can form groups to create a poem, rap, beat-box or verse. Finally, practise saying the animal beat-box creation over a djembe beat, drum-kit beat or electronic loop. ENJOY!!


uJam – creating pop music online

July 24, 2011

Online song-creation … start by humming a melody into the computer … choose instruments, styles, form … publish a song :-)

A lesson plan of its own – since the webpage guides you through each selection.

NB: You will need to create a login.


Unblocked student viewing of YouTube clips

March 23, 2011

There’s a new way to let students view YouTube clips online … The teacher copies the URL address from a YouTube clip, pastes it onto the website, clicks “create”, and it creates a new webpage (which students can view) with the YouTube clip on its own (without ads or comments). Copy and paste the newly create URL address and give it to your students.

Here’s an example I entered into ViewPure of ACO playing to surfing footage …

HINT: Don’t click on the “Download” button (bottom of ViewPure screen) – it is only advertising!


VCE workshop with MSO and piccolo composition

January 23, 2013

Message from MSO:

As we approach the start to a new school year, the MSO would like to highlight a new resource which will available to VCE Music Students (and their teachers!) in 2013.

We have commissioned Australian composer, Paul Stanhope to write a piccolo concerto for Andrew MacLeod (MSO’s Principal Piccolo player) and document his compositional process for VCE Music Students to follow. This resource will be released alongside a composer-performer workshop presented by Paul, Andrew and the MSO’s Associate Conductor, Benjamin Northey on Monday 6 May, and complemented by exclusive access to the MSO’s rehearsal and world premiere performance of this work at Hamer Hall.

This syllabus-specific program offers Units 1-4 Music Performance students an opportunity to hear a discussion about ways that performers and composers work together to shape interpretations of music. Units 1-4 Music Style and Composition students will gain insight into ways that composers and performers work collaboratively to resolve technical and practical issues, and how creative intention can shape decision-making at different stages of a creative process.

To book, please visit:

Cost: $20 per student (includes resource, workshop, rehearsal and concert ticket). Accompanying teachers free.

Please contact MSO education on 03 9626 1198 or for further information.



December 20, 2009

Go to resource: Vocal-ease is published by the NSW Department of Education and Training and comes in 4 volumes. It provides a sequential plan for singing activities. Read more…


Wallace & Gromit – create the music

November 25, 2012

THIS website takes you to free downloads of film clip (MP4), script, storyboard and teaching ideas (PDF). Australian students cannot enter the competition, but can certainly enjoy the process. Suits Middle School.


writing harmonies – lesson idea

October 6, 2012

Give students a melody (as a Sibelius or Finale file, accessible via school intranet if you want to save time). Using trial and error, asking students to write a harmony line, creating a duet. For the melody, you could use a nursery rhyme OR the Music: Count Us In song. EXTENSION: Explain how notes fit into chords. Ask students to write another duet, using only notes from each chord, and compare for the two duets.


WSOC & 2MBS Young Composers Award

March 20, 2011

WSOC & 2MBS Young Composers Award due 1st June, 2011


Year 10-12 song-writing boot-camp (Vic)

November 18, 2011

The Victorian College of the Arts’ School of Contemporary Music is holding its Song Writing Boot camp for students in Years 10-12 in December.

The week-long boot camp is ideal for teens who are interested in pop song writing, a career in music or  just enjoy song writing. It includes daily song writing tasks, skills workshops, guest speakers from the industry and a small concert at the end of the week for family and friends.

The program is facilitated by Geoffrey Williams, an accomplished song writer (including songs for Michael Jackson), who teaches pop song writing to undergraduate students at the VCA. It is being taught at the School of Contemporary Music at the VCA’s campus in Southbank.

For more information about the program including course enquiries and bookings visit


YouTube helps teach the History of Western Art Music

May 5, 2011,classical-music-a-history-according-to-youtube.aspx

The history of music from Medieval to post WW II. Presented as text and related YouTube video/audio clips. A series of lessons, in effect!