non-verbal communication unit (lower primary)

August 7, 2012

Music: Count Us In resources include (free) braille music charts and videos of kids signing Auslan while singing the annual song. You may need to sign up (for free).

There’s a deaf percussionist who feels the music through her feet (YouTube)
- she even appeared on Sesame St playing mallet percussion.

Show YouTube clips of kids playing music who are of a similar age or younger (4 year djembe player, 3 year old conducting Beethoven, suzuki violinists, etc). Ask a student to stand up and mime as if doing karaoke.

Brainstorm on ways to communicate, and what we communicate (including mime, car horns and sirens). Make some car horn and sirens with voices. Get into pairs and do a miming
game (person A mimes while person B is the mirror). Give them instruments and try the same game. Grab instruments / chop sticks / pencils and try to communicate different emotions or messages.

“Whoever You Are” by Mem Fox (nothing to do with music, but an awesome bok
about multiculturalism!!!)

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